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1Password Search in Alfred 4.

I love Alfred. I love 1Password. How about searching 1Password from Alfred? It’s totally possible and it’s built-in native to Alfreds Core Features. This is an alternative to the built-in Alfred 1Password integration.

Wait- What?

The built-in integration create a new window in your default browser, launch the site and log in. But what if you wish to open the item in the 1Password app instead? There’s no built-in feature for that! But fortunately it’s very easy to create yourself.

Jump into Features -> Web Search and Add a Custom Search:

Fill the Search URL with: onepassword://search/{query} and you’re ready to go.

Tip: You can drag the 1Password.app from the “Applications“-folder, into the “Drop icon above“-field to add the 1Password Icon to the Custom Search action. Nizzle!

Daniel Bahl

Creative nerd and developer from Denmark who loves to craft beautiful apps for servers, web and mobile. Fluent in PHP, Python and Swift. Linux-user since 1998, macOS-user since 2001. Co-owner and co-founder of Cloudportal.dk, v5.dk, Cloudnet.dk, WebReview.dk, ShareShortcuts.com, Appghost.com and several other awesome websites. You'll find links and more information about everything on this website including some snippets and notes from my worklife :)

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