About Daniel Bahl

I’m a nerd and an entrepreneur currently focused on e-learning, cloud and automated intelligent platforms. I’m a skilled developer with focus on backend-code, automation, AI, Cloud and security.

I’m also a noisy Linux and Apple fanatic, dad to my two lovely children Magnus and Tilde, husband to my beautiful wife Rikke, house owner in Silkeborg, Denmark, photographer, video podcaster and a Weber Grill Guru. Oh. And a yellow car-owner. πŸš• πŸ˜‰ To sum everything up, I’m a friendly geek who has been writing code for more than twenty years and still going strong πŸ™‚

I’m a patient perfectionist with a focus on simple minimalistic design, both in terms of code as well as UIs. I love to solve complex problems in an ingeniousand creative way – and I love to take on time-consuming workflows with automation, APIs and AI.

  • I’m the man behind Denmark’s maybe largest e-learning platform, v5.dk.
  • I’m the man behind several popular Five-stars iOS apps in the App Store, including Next/NΓ¦ste and GemID
  • I’m the man behind a whole host of popular projects, such as: strΓΈm.dk, appzoo.dk, servicepoint.dk, cloudnet.dk, v5.dk, cloudportal.dk and cloudbloggen.dk. [Link to my projects]
  • I’ve had my fingers deep inside some awesome companies like Zitcom, Telmore and Wupti, crafting awesome revolutionary stuff.

#Before.. πŸ¦–

I’ve been living in a world of hosting and data centers until 2013 when I sold my company ServerHosting A/S to Zitcom. With this, I said goodbye to being a stressed solo-guy running more than 600+ servers, a large Cloud-infrastructure, Cisco routers and firewalls and all the code behind our awesome self-service panel and automation. One guy. 600+ servers. I didn’t get much sleep back then πŸ˜‰

#Now.. πŸŽ‰

Now I’m working together with my fantastic team at ServicePoint A/S with a mission to make the power of the Cloud available to everybody πŸ™‚ Take a look at Cloudportal.dk and my other websites. ServicePoint is located in Katrinebjerg in Aarhus together with, among others, Google Denmark, Xamarin, Microsoft, Plex, Cure4you, B&O and VMware.

#octodesk πŸ™

Besides playing with the power of the Cloud at ServicePoint, I’m also working on a exciting project called octodesk. octodesk is a unified platform as a service, providing a complete interface for companies to manage customers, support, projects, billing and documentation. octodesk is currently running in a private beta powering multiple companies and more than 4.000+ customers.

Octodesk will launch in 2019. Sign up to get more info here.

#Betty πŸ’

Oh. I almost forgot Betty. Betty is the AI I’m working on. Betty is a self-developed AI bot built upon some awesome AI and ML frameworks, and right now Betty is installed at my home helping my family and I controlling smart-home stuff like lights, doors, alarm-system, camera, audio-system, floor heating and much more. Betty is also crafting a weekly meal-plan based on our likes and dislikes and keeps us updated on the weather and calendar events for the day. Oh. And Betty never forgets to turn off the lights and arm the alarm when the last person leaves the house πŸ˜‰

#Get in touch? πŸ“²

If you are interested in something. Please feel free to tweet me @danielbahl or e-mail me at hello at danielbahl.com.

#Why ? πŸ“

My website danielbahl.com / danielbahl.dk is mainly a hub of links to my other projects around the web.

#Bye πŸ‘‹

Thanks for listening!

  • Daniel Bahl